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Peer Supply

A community platform designed to make healthcare’s supply chains more efficient, more resilient, and more patient-focused.

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About Us

We are on a mission to transform the healthcare supply chain by unlocking the value of data and collaboration.

Healthcare supply chains save lives. Broken supply chains are dangerous to the care of patients. So how do we ensure healthcare supply chains are efficient and resilient?


Healthy supply chains require lots of data. Individual hospitals and suppliers never have all the data they need to do their jobs effectively. The data they do have is never completely accurate or complete. There is an opportunity for our industry to come together to improve healthcare by sharing supply chain data.


Peer Supply is a community of supply chain experts that exists to transform the healthcare supply chain by unlocking the value of data and collaboration.

What Makes Us Different

We believe that the better we are at working together, the better healthcare delivery will be for everyone. Peer Supply is a neutral network that provides the infrastructure for data sharing and collaboration on important supply chain activities.

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We believe Supply Chain is a team sport. Collaboration is required to win.

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We are part of a life-saving team. The patient is at the center.

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We are open to anyone who adds value to our community.

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We build alongside industry leaders who deeply understand the problem.

Our Community

Our Community

The Peer Supply community is growing because of the thoughtful contributions of healthcare professionals who understand that our care delivery system relies on efficient, resilient supply chains.


When you join and contribute to Peer Supply you are joining a community of over 150 hospitals that treat ~11 million patients annually across 30 states. This community thrives on important guidelines for participation, including maintaining patient privacy and respect, kindness to fellow community members, keeping things professional and factual, and avoiding self-promotion.

Together, we can make healthcare supply chains efficient & resilient.

Industry Design Partners

Peer Supply was founded in partnership with industry insiders and supply chain experts across the healthcare industry. These key partners contribute to our platform through research, development, testing, and documentation.





Interested in joining the community or providing feedback as a design partner?

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